Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

Outfit: The Red Coat

Welcome to my very first outfit-post on this blog. I'm very much into fashion and love how you can express yourself just through clothing, but I have to admit that I'm probably not using the full potential. I'm still too shy to wear something mind-blowing and I don't enjoy people looking at me, even if it's meant to be a compliment, so this really takes some courage. With this being said, I want to introduce you to my favourite coat. It's red, rather long, the boyfriend of one of my best friends said I look like a huntsman wearing it, and I absolutely love it.

We took the photos on a beautiful sunny day in the beginning of spring. The very first day one could go out without a winter jacket and it was so nice.

I just realized that there isn't one photo in which I'm looking at the camera. Sorry for that haha, I'll try to improve it next time.

I genuinely hope you like it! If you do, leave a comment (: And I of course would be happy about suggestions and hearing your opinions! And don't forget to check out #MayMakers, such a great project! Find out more on this blog




  1. I love this outfit! This is your first outfit post? That's so awesome. It came out so great! You should mention #MayMakers on it so that I can promote it on Sunday! I'd love to :) Email me or comment on my blog if you do!

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    Join #MayMakers to grow your creative projects and get promoted!

    1. Thank you so much Jacky! It's just overwhelming that there are really people like you somewhere on the world reading my posts, so thanks for that (: I just checked out your project and I think it's great! I hashtaged my Instagram post this very second, it would be such an honor to be mentioned (:


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