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How I Achieve a Balance Between Work and My Life & Why I Don't Think There Should be a Difference

First of all you need to know that I am a university student. I'm studying two languages and I love it. Not long ago I had three jobs. I'm writing for a local newspaper, work at my university and was a private teacher of English. Three jobs mean there's a hella lot to do, even if you've got very good planning skills. I can't completely count these activities to my work life because I just love to do them so much that especially learning for uni is more of a hobby for me. I always liked working. I like the thought of having my own earned money and the thought that there are actually people paying me for what I like to do never fails to amaze me. The moment of my first pay for an article at the newspaper probably was one of the best of my life so far. I mean I get to interview really cool, innovative and inspiring young people, write about it and then get money for it? How amazing is that? But this working attitude isn't always easy.

I consider myself a career girl. Not in the sense of striving for a position as CEO (at least not in the near future, never say never) but in the sense that if I love what I do, I tend to do it a lot. It doesn't bother me to work in my free time, I enjoy seeing achievements and like to be occupied with interesting projects. A problem is that this enthusiasm can interfere with my social life. As much as I love to work, I do love my family and friends even more. I consider myself an active person, sport has always been a part of my life. I've never been the girl you'd find in the gym 6 days a week but I nevertheless consider it important to care for my body. It took me a few years of utter distress to figure out that there's only one way to manage my life: To do lists, a very neat time plan and a slightly excessive love for colour coding.

Here are 7 tips for balancing your life. They helped me, maybe they'll work for you, too.

1) Care for your body 

A huge factor when it comes to caring for my body is sport and nutrition. You could probably buy thousands of different cremes and treatments and wouldn't get any result without caring for yourself from the inside. With this I mean regular excercising, whether it's running, swimming or yoga, there's so much to do, I think there's something for everyone. A good starting point that I can recommend you is 30 days of yoga with Adriene. She's just so lovely and explains everything very well, and it's actually free. When it comes to nutrition I can only tell you the obvious: water is life. Drink it. You'll soon see so many improvements regarding your skin and overall health. I also like to drink tea, hot in winter and homemade ice tea in summer. I could upload my recipe if you're interested.

Another thing to consider that I myself am guilty of sometimes, is sleep. My body needs at least 8 hours per night to function properly and for me to feel good in my body, which brings me to my next point:

2) Rituals 

I'm a huge fan of an organized life and really don't like my mornings and evenings to be messy. If you have trouble finding a routine for your days I recommend living more consciously. An hour after you got up in the morning, take five minutes and think about what you did and what you liked of it. I sometimes catch myself watching the news in the morning and then getting sucked into whatever is on in that moment, binge watching series I don't even like. It wouldn't be such a problem if I feel good afterwards, but it just complicates the start in the day. Every time I feel the urge to turn on my tv I remind myself that there are other, better things to do in my time. I can leave that for the weekend.

I try to go to bed and get up in the mornings at roughly the same time every day. I therefore out away my phone and everything electronic at 9pm and read a book. This is my 'me time' and I love having this ritual even though it took a while to conquer my addiction to Instagram and social media. Just think of things you always want to do, but never seem to have time for it and then concentrate on making it real. It's the small achievements in life that help us to stay focused.

3) Planning

We all have the same 24 hours a day, but what we make of it can be so different. I sometimes complain about not having enough free time and too much work, but I think it really is just about the priorities you set. I'd love to do more sport, but then I'd have to read less and I just love my books too much. There are many ways to plan your life, some more excessive ones but what matters is to find one that suits your lifestyle. I can upload a post about my calendar and to-do lists if anyone's interested.

4) Surround yourself with good people 

Having friends and family that support you is really important, although I think that we first have to believe in ourselves before we can expect others to do so. There are so many people on earth, even surrounding you this very moment why not try to connect more often? I sometimes have the feeling that I don't spend enough time trying to understand the people around me, focusing too much on myself. It's good to be self conscious but don't forget that you're not alone. If you want others to be there for you then you need to be there for others, too. Someone has to start this circle, why not do it right away? Text someone you haven't seen in a while and ask for a coffee, you may make someone's day!

5) Consider your free time as an appointment 

It's good to be ambitious and work towards your goals but be aware not to forget yourself along the way. I like to have at least 2 free evenings during my week to do things I enjoy. This differs from binge watching series to painting, or just having a long bath. Try not to take these moments for granted and really focus on what's good for you. With that I mean don't sit on the couch and eat 3 bags of chips (at least not every time) but try new things.

6) Don't procrastinate 

Try to stick to your goals and to do lists. A method that works surprisingly well for me is to give me a certain time limit for different tasks. If I need to write a part of my essay and just don't come around starting it, I give myself e.g. 60 minutes, have a count down on my Iphone and start working. It motivates me so much to know that the 'bad' things can be over in a certain time frame if I only concentrate and commit.

7) Enjoy the Small Things 

Too often we focus on what we don't have instead of what we've already achieved. A good way to remind yourself of how lucky you are is to have a diary. Write down what you feel and think and in a few weeks time you'll start seeing how you develop. Focus on the good stuff. I like to write down five things I'm grateful for once a week and go back to that when I'm feeling down. And always remember, nothing will ever change unless you do. I'm convinced that happiness is not about how much you own or where you live, but a state of mind that we can actually influence.



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  1. I agree that having rituals is a great asset to your day. Knowing what to expect when you wake up and when you go to bed is the perfect way to bookend the craziness that can happen in between!

    Alyssa J Freitas

    1. So true! Thank you for your comment Alyssa (:

  2. I like the idea of building in mini-rituals. Rituals tend to have a spiritual or mentally soothing element to them, and I think it just depends on how you look at things. Instead of thinking of it as something you need to do, it's a ritual/routine.

    1. Totally agree with that. I'd love to even incorporate some meditation or yoga into my morning routine. Always trying to improve what you do, to a certain extent also improves yourself I guess. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Great list! I agree with all of these and I especially love your point #5...all too often we put our own time for ourselves on the backburner or it's the first thing we cancel if we start running short on time, but it's so important to NOT do that! Great advice! :)

    1. You name it! We can't give the most we can if we don't feel comfortable in our own skin. Thank you for your comment! (:

  4. I find that rituals help me stay sane! I too go to bed and rise at the same time each day- it really keeps my body in check. Unplugging, reading and a nice bath before bed are a few ways I like to unwind. Love the rest of your tips, too Liska!

    1. Thank you a lot for your comment Kira! (: Glad you liked it!

  5. I really love reading through these posts, and yours sounds especially wise for your years. :)


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