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Blog Linkup - My Three Favourite Instagrammers

The girls of The B Bar had an awesome idea: a Blog Linkup running under the question "Who are your three favourite Instagrammers and why?" I love the thought that there is some kind of team work involved in this series, all of us bloggers working hand in hand. The special thing about this post therefore is that you'll find posts of different bloggers with the same theme at the bottom of this page. But first let me share mine. 

So here's a sum up of my current favourite Instagrammers. Given the fact that I'm slightly Instagram obsessed, I'm following all of these for quite a while and they count as my favourites. I hope you'll like them as much as I do, you may already know some of them? 

Essena Oneill has been one of my favourite bloggers and Instagrammers for years and continues to be. She's 18, vegan and recently started studying Psychology in Brisbane, AUS. I really like the way she visualizes her life and what she thinks of as important, that's why I often check out her youtube channel to check whether there are new videos online. She herself describes her diet as "Plant based (vegan) for my health, the planet and the animals. I officially decided to become vegan in February 2014, it started for ethical reasons, then for health as well, then as I became more educated surrounding climate change and sustainability, being a vegan is now for spiritual alignment and environmental conservation.  It is a lifestyle, I don't digest, wear or watch animal cruelty, enslavement or control. I know exactly what I'm eating and why." In my opinion that's a hella good statement. I find it especially impressing that she's so sure about her life and goals given her rather young age. 

Ariele Alasko is a woodworker from Brooklyn, NY taking photos of her work, everyday life and animals. The interiors of her flat are extraordinary and even if I myself have a different style, I adore how everything she arranges looks like art. She has the most beautiful pets (apart from mine of course) and never fails to entertain me with pictures of them. 

Rosie Londoner is a blogger from Notting Hill, London sharing snippets of her life, fashion, travels and food. She's probably the most "lifestylish" Instagrammer I mention in this list. I envy her travel photos and how everything in her life looks easy and luxurious and of course I'm completely jealous of her hair, I mean you can get my point, can't you? Plus I'm a huge fan and participant of her anti diet. 

Last but not least I'd like to mention my own Instagram account, created solely for this blog. So if you're still looking for inspiration and want to follow along my blog journey (which is pretty much just beginning) then give it a look here. Definitely comment that you're heading over from the blog! I'd love to connect with all of you. 



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  1. Great picks! I love following Instagrammers from around the world because it gives me great insight into places I dream to visit.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

    1. So glad you like them! I follow tons of Instagrammers just for that purpose ;D It's great that the world is so interconnected these days (:

  2. Love Rosie's Instagram and blog as well! She's so fun to follow and her recipes are the best! Glad you agree :)

    1. She's just great, isn't she (: I love that she's so open minded and not that typical "I'm eating salad all day and train at every possible minute" girl. And her writing style is great as well. Thank you so much for you comment!

  3. I follow Rosie Londoner too - love her feed!

    1. Think we've got a Rosie following here ;D Thanks for commenting!

  4. Just followed rosielondoner, thanks for the great recommendation!

    1. You're welcome, thanks for your comment! (:


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