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The Spring Bucket List: What to Wear in 2015

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I'm absolutely craving warmer weather, colours, blue sky and light(er) clothes. Like always around the time of the fashion weeks I begin to think of what to wear in spring. I know I'll probably have to wait another few weeks but it helps to surround myself with the lighter clothes in my wardrobe. In a lack of inspiration (my winter wear got me uninspired) I scrolled through Pinterest and found such beautiful inspiration and instantly knew I need to share these pieces with you. So here it comes, my spring cravings in January.

Spring Cravings #1: Dresses & Skirts 

I normally am the jeans -type-of-girl but nothing reminds me more of good weather than beautiful skirts and dresses. I especially like neutral colours, light shades and pastel. How adorable is that chic combination on the left?! and that mix of dark knit, high boots and that pink long skirt. I miss my tan so much.

Source 1 & 2

1 & 2
The dress is of Alexander Mc Queen's Spring show, called Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection. I also adore the light pink version of the dress. All black on the right just looks so Paris and chic! 

Source 1 & 2
These two have a bit more earthy colours and I adore both of them. The combination on the left of her hair tucked underneath the scarf makes it so interesting for the eye and the blue shoes just give me the rest. She reminds me of summer in Rome. 
The one in the right picture wears a combination I haven't put my hands on yet, but I love how cool it looks when you combine a rough leather jacket and a womanly dress/skirt. The gold accessory makes it a perfect combination in my eyes. Which leads us to the second category

Spring Cravings #2: Trousers 

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Ahh comfortable trousers, how I love them. I love both combinations. The more  feminine one on the right as well as the slightly more male on the right. Both women just look gorgeous and ready to rule the world. 

Source 1 & 2
These two just look effortlessly chic. So classy and yet casually. Love the textures in both of the pictures. 

I you're seeking more spring styles head over to my Pinterest board, you won't be disappointed (I got a bit overboard with this theme)



  1. Really nice post, love the images you used! Makes me long for spring :)

    Jules x


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